Hessiche Barockpauken

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Protective Covers

Covers with felt backing and locking snaps are provided.

Easy Set Up Stands

The bronze circle holds the quadrapod permanently at the proper fixed height.

Natural Skin Heads 

The drums come appropriately fitted with goatskin heads.

Quadrapod Stands

Folded and ready for travel.

Legs Attached

Three iron  legs permanently attached so the Hessiche Barockpauken won't roll away!

Tuning Keys

Two tuning keys are provided.

Hessiche Barockpauken

  • Protective Covers

  • Easy Setup Stands

  • Tuning Keys

  • $8,800.00


  • Set of 2 drums including covers

  • Tripod stands

  • Custom built and assembled by hand

  • $9500.00

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